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Antoine Allen had dreams like any other kid growing up, and it was those same dreams that allowed him to break through every obstacle in his path. Despite growing up poor in Jamaica, Queens, Allen was already rich with potential. He refused to let this define his future, and began to move forward with a passion, drive, and tireless dedication that has now become synonymous with the Antoine Allen brand.


Forgoing the traditional film school route, he began educating himself on all creative, technical, and business aspects of the process and never looked back. Allen transformed himself into a successful writer, director, filmmaker, and producer.


He sold his first screenplay, Nowhere Land, an animated feature film in 2008. As an award-winning director, Antoine Allen has gone on to be involved in a variety of film and music video projects.


On a personal level, the film allowed him to draw from his own experiences of beating the odds when life got tough, and was an experience that brought Allen full circle. His latest projects are available on AMC/AllBlk network LOLA 1 and LOLA 2. The first-ever woman's  boxing feature film franchise. Aside from pursuing his creative projects, Allen has devoted a great deal of his time to inspiring, mentoring, and giving back to his community. Helping young entrepreneurs and artists achieve the bigger dreams that they have for themselves is a reflection of the extent of the impact one person can have on their surroundings.

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